Thoughts, Like Strings, Weave Into A Grander Design. That Is The Truth And Magic Of Everything In Life.
I am a weaver by lineage and I grew up watching my family weave handloom saris in a village called Negamam in Tamil Nadu. The life of a weaver is as demanding as the art he creates (which is dying today). Handloom Picture Company, a production house, is my way of keeping the passion and tradition of my ancestors alive. - Ram Subramanian, Founder & Director

Passion sans ability is the song of a crow.

Handloom Picture Company is a collection of diversely talented and experienced individuals driven by a common belief:

Creativity and hard work will lead us to light.

So we push the boundaries, within us and around us, for advertising agencies who want their scripts to become exceptional films. And for international production houses seeking a partner (with world-class production practices) to sort out their shoot/production requirements in India.
Voice Of Ram
At 2:48, on the film's timeline, a pause & read poster was hidden. The message was sent out to art directors, designers and artists to send us their interpretation of this copy. Scroll down to see some of the responses that we got from across the world.


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